Monday, May 3, 2010

New hack (indefinite name) : YI - Yoshi Adventure

How long :P
I hope don't to have kept you waiting. The motive to my absence is because I'm working in a new hack, but I back repeat, I don't stop with my real projects, despite, I already have say this before, but now, the project is different, I'm studing a japanese patche, it transform the chip of SMW (normal) in Super-FX. The gameplay, I want that is nearly equal compared to the YI original. I reset the controls of SMW and inserted in Yoshi, I changed the GFX to YI, lack little to finish this part and go to the ASM edit (I already finished the Hex Edition).

Some images of first level (not finish):

(Sorry, happened a problem with the upload of images).

It'll countain very ASM with the Ersanio's Level ASM and several others patches.
Perhaps, it participe of the C3 in SMWCentral


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