Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Saga

Well, The Cursed Forest and The Power of Reality (recently called Constellations) are parts of same Saga. And now, I'll tell to you the complete history. (For those who don't know yet).

The Cursed Forest:

Mario was walking quietly when he lost in a mysterious forest. Mario was to search any exit, but he found just one thing... Goren. A mystical creature that has a forest under your control, but its main purpose is to destroy Mario.

The Power of Reality:

Five months later after the incident (the chaos in Cursed Forest), Mario finds his way back to Mushroom Kingdom. It's happening a festival on the village; they are celebrating by Bowser doesn't to attack Mushroom Kingdom on 5 months... however, an explosion appeared and Bowser dominates the land of Mushrooms. Princess Peach explains that Bowser had acquired immense power with the help of a mysterious being to finish with Mario. Bowser called him The Power of Reality. And now, Mario will save the world of Bowser's evil hands.


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