Wednesday, December 1, 2010


First, I would like asking sorry for the months without post, but now, I am disponible, and I have news.
I will begin to post my projects in ASM. Sprites, blocks, ASM levels data and videos from mine hacks.
Let's begin now...

Yoshi's Island - Baby Mario's Back!

Yoshi was walking peacefully when suddenly Mario falls on yours back, what happened? Kamek.
Kamek wants  to redeem himself with Bowser. (NOTE: Bowser is a baby '-') So Kamek kidnapped Mario again, but for irony of fate, Kamek lets Mario slips and falls back to Yoshi's Island. Kamek could not let Yoshi give back Mario to your house. Kamek appealed to a mystical creature... It gives to Kamek an immense power...
It's time to revenge, Kamek is back and only Yoshi can detain him.

The Cursed Forest

Again? No exactly... I did an update of it, I fixed some palletes and GFX, enjoy it again. And for those who do not know: (hehehe...)

Mario was walking peacefully (like Yoshi) when he lost himself in a mysteryous forest on the night of Halloween. While Mario was looking for an exit, he met Goren... a mystical creature with powers on the forest... Goren uses the fear and the questions of the peoples to feed himself and the rage of the hearts to control the forest... What is this place? It's nothing... it's just your imagination and the demon on it... and now, Mario must defeat him and to stop with yours black empire.


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