Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SMW Central

Hello bodies! This is not part from my blog, but it is necessary. A long time ago, the SMWCentral began a project, the project involved the hackers of the site. The project wants to build a society (more or less '-') to gather the users in a conciliation. It was called "An SMWCentral". S.N.N. is the carrier of the official hack, however, the levels were made by the all SMWCentral.
The Project included more than 200 hackers, on a derivation of: Designers, blockers, spriters, porters and so on. It was registered some bugs, the curretn version is the v1.3. Enjoy the hack, it is nice.

(.smc, .rar)
-{Portuguese Archive}-
[-Readme, NOT the Rom-]


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