Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Genjin / hello everybody, im back! (more or less...)

Hi buddies; let me see... Oh boy, since February 2 this blog have no been updated. Reasons for this? They are so many... However, I will continue to this blog.
Well(This is my word), as I am fixing MANY problems in my hack roms, I will just post my video projects, I have dedicated me so much in this. Looks this:

-HD (High Definition)
-Music: Super Bonk - Twilight Space

I made it because I LOVE this track, the music used are from a SMWCentral's user and a japanese music pack.

So... I am a Spritefighter , I made many sprites to my projects, what about see them? At least, some them...

Mario One Hit

Mario Gets Shock
Mario Wa-haa!
Mario Two Hits
Mario Walking

Mario Ground Pound
Mario Throws Something

Mario Wheel 

Make a fair use. No credits needed.


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