Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

It's hard to believe, but I'm still alive.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Genjin / hello everybody, im back! (more or less...)

Hi buddies; let me see... Oh boy, since February 2 this blog have no been updated. Reasons for this? They are so many... However, I will continue to this blog.
Well(This is my word), as I am fixing MANY problems in my hack roms, I will just post my video projects, I have dedicated me so much in this. Looks this:

-HD (High Definition)
-Music: Super Bonk - Twilight Space

I made it because I LOVE this track, the music used are from a SMWCentral's user and a japanese music pack.

So... I am a Spritefighter , I made many sprites to my projects, what about see them? At least, some them...

Mario One Hit

Mario Gets Shock
Mario Wa-haa!
Mario Two Hits
Mario Walking

Mario Ground Pound
Mario Throws Something

Mario Wheel 

Make a fair use. No credits needed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For an ice cream...

Hello bodies! I am bringing news! I finished my first sprite fight, and I will put it here, this is my FIRST sprite fight, there are many errors, some screen aspects, place errors, this happened during the render, however, I will correct these mistakes on my next videos, I hope you kile this video, enjoy it.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi guys.
Nowadays I had some net problems (again...), sorry for this inconvenient. But now, I want to show another video that I made. What was your first Castlevania you played? My "first" Castlevania was the classic, "Castlevania". Until today I enjoy this game and its musics. So I have created a video, this will show the difference between the classic music and the modern one.
NOTE: HD (High Definition)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog visitors

Hello, visitors!
At this day, the blog got 2000 visits from you, users! I want to thank to you, everyone. I also want to remember the first words of the blog: "Hello, everyone!" And I hope to say this forever.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SMW Central

Hello bodies! This is not part from my blog, but it is necessary. A long time ago, the SMWCentral began a project, the project involved the hackers of the site. The project wants to build a society (more or less '-') to gather the users in a conciliation. It was called "An SMWCentral". S.N.N. is the carrier of the official hack, however, the levels were made by the all SMWCentral.
The Project included more than 200 hackers, on a derivation of: Designers, blockers, spriters, porters and so on. It was registered some bugs, the curretn version is the v1.3. Enjoy the hack, it is nice.

(.smc, .rar)
-{Portuguese Archive}-
[-Readme, NOT the Rom-]

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mario? No, it's Yoshi!

Well, to begin the year, I will show some images from my Super ASM Yoshi's Island Project entitled:
Yoshi's Island - Baby Mario's Back!

When I began to hack, my first ROM Hacking was Yoshi's Island, with the traditional "Egg Vine". I never released a YI Hack (I did not know the Egg Vine very well...), but I like Yoshi's Island so much. So, I found SMW Hacking, then I changed my hack status. But my contemplation for this game is so admirable who I decided to do a SMW Hack inspired on this amazing classic. It is just the first level ready, It happened a critical error, and I was forced to restart the project. At this moment, There is 2 members in the production:
Vitor Vilela (Beta-Tester) and me. At this long time, I have worked so much on this project, I created sprite, blocks and level ASM codes, I needed much time. However, with the problem that happened, I will not use the Super FX chip. I specialize myself in the Mode 7, a layer property, that allows parameters in the scale and shear. My new purpose on this hack is to create sprites, I programmed some sprites that use HDMA Windowing, based in some sprites from the original YI. I am not doing a remake, I am doing a SMW Hack showing the YI elements, I will not make bosses from it, this hack will show an original idea, with my own sprites and intelligence. On this hack, I will show my total capacity, this includes to know to draw... I do not know to draw, see the example above, well... any hack is perfect, unfortunately...

 2010 2011!

Yes! It is 20101! This year was long, like the others. My purpose on this blog is to show my projects and my life in SMW Hacking, and this have been rewarding. I would like thanking my visitors and my partners. And as the last year...

Portuguese Message:

Levando em conta este ano, o que de bom você conseguiu? Quanto conhecimento a mais veio à tona? Talvez devessemos nos lembrar que não basta à pena saber de tudo, há coisas insignificantes que podem prejudicar muitas outras pessoas, talvez até você mesmo, agindo como um veneno indetectável. E que tal se olhássemos para outros cantos? Virar o rosto do PC e ver o que está em volta? Já se perguntou quanto tempo você já gastou apenas vendo as ardentes luzes do monitor queimando suas retinas? Quantas perguntas já lhe fizeram e você nem se lembra da metade? O que é mais importante para você? Tenha em mente o fato que você jamais deve dar as costas àqueles que realmente se importam com você. Não perca tempo com coisas que você poder fazer à qualquer momento, não viva uma ilusão, o custo de sonhar é um preço muito grande por tudo que você pode fazer em outros momentos, não deixe ninguém o abandonar, esse novo ano é a revira-volta de tudo que você planejou, mude o jeito que você vê o mundo para melhor; e assim; qualquer coisa será possível para você.

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