Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello,Today I will tell the story of my hack, something that can not miss in a hack:

After the incident in The Cursed Forest, Mario has become vacant for 5 months to find the exit of the forest, he found out, Toad was surprised to have seen he after long, Toad said that the princess was very concerned about Mario, Mario then went to see her... let's skip that part... Mario went to see Golden Yoshi, Mario was in for a festival,They was comemorating that they are not attacked by Bowser since that Mario disappeared...or is, 5 months...
Mario wonder, why so long? And after defeating Goren...Mario went to see Golden Yoshi, he arrived at his hut, when he came in, the lights go out... when they rekindle, Golden Yoshi disappeared...This story is too big ... my english sucks, I'll stop here.

You if ask, that  The Cursed Forest is that?
At a time ago, I launched a hack for Halloween, with this title, please visit this page and check out the hack! Well, I'm almost finished the demo, I just need to find the right songs...


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