Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm in a period of partnerships!
As many of you have noticed, I'm doing a lot of partnerships!
I partnered with the following blogs:

Mario Hacks - Broozer's SMW Hacking
Super Mario Brasileiro - N@ndo Blog Art 
SMWC Hacks Brasil

The others, I will await their response to confirm the partnership, but if you want to be a partner, send email to yann.costarodrigues@gmail.com and wait until I confirm the partnership, however, there are rules to follow:

  • Your website/blog should contain content related to games, hacks and anime.
  • Your website/blog it should not have adult content, this type of content here is not welcome!
  • Your website/blog there must have content related to any kind of prejudice, especially racism.

Well,for now is only that, I hope to follow these rules, are not exigencies, are rules that serve to protect children who may accidentally access a blog inappropriate for their age, following these rules, is partnership concretized!


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