Friday, November 13, 2009

My hack

I bring news, well, images...

I bring pictures of my hack The Power Of Reality
Now,as the use of NPC's, personages that are not neither friends nor enemies, it also has the use of VWF - Variable Width Font - and GFX redraw! (less the overworld)
Overworld GFX Redraw  FAIL
but well, the hack will soon have your demo!
The overworld design is almost ready, the levels, only the "Toad's Village" this done.
Including also the overworld, contains many elements of smb3.  The worlds are:
Toad's Domain - Maze of Pipes - Buster Plains -
Cave of Atrion - Forest of domed - Bowser City -
The Lost World - Temple of Osiris (secret)

Well,Stay with this taste in the mouth, soon my hack will launched, it promises ...


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